The safety of our students is our utmost concern. An instructor or a trained assistant teaches each student how to properly tie a horse, groom the horse and how to handle and move around the horse in a safe way. Young and more novice students are supervised at all times – both in the stalls as well as in the arena. Whether they are grooming, tacking up, leading, mounting or riding a horse a staff member is always present. Experienced riders may get a horse ready without such close supervision once it is determined that they understand the safety procedures practiced at our facility.

During a lesson our instructors take the time to make sure that all students understand what they are being asked to do and why. No one is pushed to do something which frightens them. Our goal is to have all riders feel secure at their own level of riding so that they can enjoy themselves and the horses. When a student is secure on a horse and has the necessary skills to move on to the next level the instructor will help them do so.

All students must wear proper attire to enhance their safety. We require everyone to wear a helmet with a secure chin strap designed specifically for riding. Students will need to bring with them/wear long pants and boots with a heel (Rubber boots are fine). ASTM/SEI approved Equestrian helmets are required. We have a good selection of helmets to loan first time riders who do not own one. If you keep riding we recommend that you buy a helmet.

For security purposes there is 24/7 monitoring of the premises, stables, grounds, and facilities.

Meadow Green Stables coaches are educated in horse handling procedures to ensure the safety of staff and best management practices for the horse ensuring a safe and calm atmosphere for the rider. All coaches receive ongoing training and development. Our skilled and dedicated staff offers quality care and a safe user-friendly and peaceful facility for all to enjoy.

Birthday Parties on Horseback

For your next party, try a Pony Party by Meadow Green Stables.
— Available to All Ages —

December 2021